About ARCA

Solving Your Reverse Logistics Challenges with Our Foremost Expertise in Asset Recovery

ARCA solves material disposition challenges within organizations of all sizes. Using our proprietary systems and web technology, ARCA gives new life to non-hazardous goods by recovering a maximum sale price for assets that were once presumed dead. We bring transparency to an industry that never thought it deserved as much.

Founded with purpose. Driven by technology.

ARCA provides turn-key end-of-life solutions for assets from any industry.

Innovative Transparency

ARCA removes the unknown from Reverse Logistics.

Efficiency Through Technology

Our technologies and programs integrate directly with your organization.

Sustainability at Every Step

ARCA adheres to the triple bottom line; People, Planet, and Profits.

Long story short… we buy, sell, and recycle everything under the sun. Our goal is to reduce waste streams, share knowledge, and create opportunities worldwide.

At ARCA, we believe that Technology, Transparency, and Sustainability will fix a broken liquidation industry and prove that your trash is someone else’s treasure. Buyers and Sellers have unique challenges regarding storage space, liquidity, and trust. ARCA has 3 main programs that can be all used together or separately. Using all 3 together is considered our traditional ARCA model which is known for its results. ARCA’s end-to-end proprietary solutions include:
Project Appraisals

Most companies are focused on their day-to-day operations, and rightly so. Thinking and planning for material disposition is typically an afterthought. ARCA has the skills, technology, and database required to put a plan in place for even the most difficult challenges. ARCA can not only assign tangible value to your assets but accurately projects costs and resources surrounding a disposition project.

Material Processing

ARCA receives, processes, and accurately manifests all types of material. Once processed, the material is ready for re-commerce or recycling solutions. Our ability to process all material and account for every last pound sent to ARCA is fundamentally different from our competitors’ practices, and brings an innovative level of transparency to the industry.


ARCA has developed a vast network of solutions that enable us to obtain for you the highest value for your material. Our supply chain reintroduction solutions include: e-commerce, direct to consumer sales, wholesaling, auctions, “LiquiDirect” and “Build Your Own Lot”. The combination of these solutions is unique to the industry and separates ARCA from our competitors.


ARCA understands that money isn’t everything. If a product cannot be resold, or repurposed through our various methods, we do the right thing by our client and the planet; we properly recycle the material.

Clients of ARCA save time and money by allowing us to manifest, sell and recycle their unwanted, obsolete, return, and surplus material on their behalf. Status quo liquidation methodology is highly fragmented and often provides organizations with little financial return, and even less brand integrity. Instead, ARCA clients focus on running their businesses and pursuing new opportunities, while we get the highest returns for our clients’ materials with transparency and the latest environmentally conscious standards.

The What, Where, How, and Who of Our Business

Fast Facts About ARCA

Sustainability and zero-landfill usage are at the core of everything we do. People, Planet, Profits.

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Giving Back

ARCA is a mission driven organization and we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help enrich the world around us. Please reach out to us with any opportunities where we can help make the planet a better place for everyone. We will love to be involved.

We define transparency as “teaching others what we already know”. This includes teaching the skill set and mindset to thrive and maintain meaningful employment inside of a rewarding and loving team. We are pleased to announce that in 2019, ARCA has partnered with New York Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) and People, Inc in order to help provide inclusive and meaningful careers to individuals in our community.

Greg Shoemaker, ARCA
Greg Shoemaker
Founder and President

As a visionary serial founder, Greg founded ARCA in 2016 and has been a driving force in the reverse logistics industry ever since.

Greg brings over seven years of experience, founding, growing, and leading sustainable companies across various disciplines. Greg’s efforts were recognized when he was named to Buffalo Business First’s 30 under 30 (2018).

In his spare time, Greg is an active member of the Buffalo business community and thrives off providing mentorship to new companies and entrepreneurs.

Greg also maintains membership to several community organizations and serves as Secretary and Governance & Nominating Chair of the 501c3, Creative Education Foundation (CEF).

Michael Shoemaker, ARCA
Michael Shoemaker
Chief Operating Officer

As a strategic business leader focusing on operations, Michael joined ARCA in the Summer of 2018. In his role, Michael oversees all facets of the company’s daily operations and strategic growth initiatives.

Prior to joining ARCA, Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Alfred State College, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Alfred University.

During his time at college, Michael held several leadership positions in student ran organizations as well as serving on the Board of Directors for Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services (A.C.E.S). For his efforts, Michael was awarded the Paul B. Orvis Award at the 2017 Alfred State Commencement Ceremony.

Go Bills!

David Marak
Director of Sales

Starting in automation and robotics and moving to sales management and leadership, David brings a breadth of industry and process experience. David joined ARCA in July 2022 to oversee the sales team and development of ARCA Supply.

David holds a mechanical engineering degree and has spent much of his career working directly with customers to discover and meet their needs for new products, innovation, and services. He has cross-trained in several disciplines to ensure the most effective customer experience from initial marketing outreach through project management, design, and delivery.

David has a passion for problem solving both at work and at home and enjoys home improvement projects and spending time with his family and friends.

Chris Lauricella
Operations Director
Tom Kingley
Managed Services Director
Scott Redmond, ARCA
Scott Redmond
Intake Lead

Scott joined ARCA in March of 2019. He is a graduate of University of Buffalo and came to ARCA after 2 decades of serving as an online news writer.

Anthony Marino
Inventory Control Manager
John Mettler, ARCA
John Mettler
Operations & Logistics Manager

John joined ARCA in September of 2020. He has been married to his lovely wife for 24 years and enjoys sports of all kinds, 70’s music, and stand-up comedy.

Sara Lipinoga
Sales Executive
Amy Lipinoga
Intake Specialist
Matt McCusker
Finance Director
Linda Clark

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Love, love, love, the reporting. It saves me hours.”

Site Manager

Public Sector OEM Manufacturer

Project Appraisal

ARCA evaluated and planned for the resources needed to accept and process tens of thousands of SKUs on an annual basis. ARCA also researched and prepared the necessary customer base and recycling partners to meet the specific needs of the client. ARCA’s appraisal process made the financial outcomes predictable.

Material Processing

ARCA processes over 10,000 new SKUs into our system for this ongoing project annually. We also warehouse and distribute over 100,000 individual pieces of this inventory to our customers each year. All of this movement is tracked and reconciled back to the individual shipment ARCA received, while saving the client over 3,000 man hours and 20,000 square feet.


ARCA operates ARCA branded and non-ARCA branded sale channels to sell this equipment to our customers. Brand integrity is one of the top priorities for this manufacturer and ARCA keeps a close eye on maintaining a legitimate and trusted customer base for these materials. Our model and 0% landfill policy also keeps over a million pounds of these products out of landfills each year.

The client now has a trusted source to handle all their surplus materials without lifting a finger. The client knows that the materials will be responsibly dealt with and has a 100% transparent line of sight into the second life of their products. Nearly best of all, is that they are generating substantially more revenue than liquidation would have.

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“ARCA was quick and responsive.”

Logistics Manager

Public Sector Semiconductor Manufacturer

Project Appraisal

ARCA acted immediately to accurately evaluate the market value of the equipment and the required logistical efforts to complete the project. The cost to relocate this equipment outweighed its value. Although brand new, the equipment would have been destined for a scrap yard. ARCA appraisal revealed that taking over the clients facility was the best route.

Material Processing

Within 30 days, ARCA dispatched a team to a new city and took over operation of the facility that stored the surplus equipment. All 400 pieces of equipment were properly documented, inspected, weighed and pictured for resale into the market. All progress was efficiently documented for the clients peace of mind.


Before the deadline, ARCA found a buyer for every last piece of equipment. The sales, service, and logistics were hands-off for the client. The financial gain from this equipment was considerably larger than the scrap or liquidation income and the client regained full-use of their facility before expected.

Factory construction plans were put on pause. The equipment that was pre-purchased and stored for future expansion was now non-useful surplus and taking up considerable space required for something else. There was less than a 6-month deadline before the equipment would have to be scrapped.

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“ARCA is a pleasure to deal with and they make our lives much easier.”

CAPEX Manager

Public Sector Tire Manufacturer

Project Appraisal

ARCA researched the necessary requirements to recycle tire waste. This included the land and sea logistics for over 325 overweight shipments per year. ARCA developed a proposal and catered it to reflect the most important needs of the factory.

Material Processing

In manufacturing, costs are critical and misused space is an unnecessary cost to the goods being made. It was critical that the tire factory was able to remove all waste from their facility the day it was generated. ARCA delivered the trucking and warehousing to make this possible.


Natural rubber, blends, polyethylene, steel, nylon and sometimes a mix of all, require different vendors and processes to recycle properly. ARCA seamlessly manages and evaluates these customers for the most financial benefit to the tire factory while protecting their IP with a zero-landfill solution.

Tire manufacturing generates a large amount of waste in various forms of substantially different values. Finding one vendor to process all waste streams is a challenge and managing all of the vendor payment terms, agreements, and schedules is a headache.

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ARCA is a wonderful and mission-driven place to work with tremendous growth opportunities

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