Branch Manager/General Manager – Philadelphia

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Position Title: Branch Manager/General Manager (ARCA Supply Philadelphia)

Posted as: Branch Manager/General Manager

Position Type: Full-Time

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Reports to: Director of Operations


What is ARCA Supply?

ARCA provides a unique service to industrial wholesalers by applying a circular economy approach to inventory management. ARCA Supply is ARCA’s flagship program designed to digitally connect authorized distributors with hands-off opportunities to buy and sell surplus inventory in the electrical, MRO, HVAC, and industrial spares arenas. On one side ARCA accepts, processes, and stores all surplus inventory for these companies. On the other side, ARCA operates an online marketplace where similar companies go to procure the same types of inventory. 

Our members use us both for managing their slow-moving inventory and also for sourcing “need-it-now” parts from our extensive catalog. Members shop online through our portal, phone or email orders, and digest our stock’s digital feeds into their ERP systems for easy access. 

What makes ARCA unique is a partnership approach with our clients that builds trust and loyalty at all points of the supply chain. We are not a classic recycling source, although we do work with all types of material and will provide a full solution to all challenges, including but not limited to appraisal, purchase, consignment, recycling, and logistics.


What does this role look like?

A branch manager at a specialty electrical distributor has a multifaceted role encompassing leadership, operations management, sales and marketing, customer service, and financial management, specifically tailored to the electrical supply industry.


This role is to define, implement, monitor, and revise the operational policies of the branch on a day-to-day basis. Directly overseeing the managers and staff of the site, the Director of Operations is expected to guide, coach, and mentor the entire department to success. The Director also plays a role in strategic planning for the company and is ultimately responsible for achieving the budgetary goals and KPI’s set forth by their input. The Director of Operations must act as the integrator between different business functions such as sales, warehousing, product information and intake. They must continue to ensure their optimal performance together in unison.


Here is what a typical day as the Director of Operations looks like:

  • Control resources to achieve mutually agreed upon KPI’s and help to set those KPI’s
  • Adhering to a common P&L  budget and allocating all resources appropriately
  • Hiring team members and maintaining an employee development plan for upskilling and satisfaction
  • Maintaining a clean, safe, compliant, and fully stocked, within-budget facility
  • Maintain a multi-shift schedule and delegate to leads who carry out your wishes in your absence
  • Directly overseeing the Member success experience including customer service (client/customer)
  • Deploy, retain, and organize all resources related to the completion of Member Projects
  • Directly influence and improve the Project Management dashboard and related processes
  • Integrating multiple teams to achieve a common goal of operational excellence and client success
  • Oversee the flow of products, data, and the processes surrounding intake and validation
  • Manage the process and people who oversee product listings on our website and e-commerce channels
  • Ensure Member reporting is accurate and timely
  • Ensure administrative paperwork and surrounding process supports the work being done
  • Operate intake to also generate auction lots and create online auctions
  • Maintain consistency between all internal systems
  • Be a vocal thought leader on how and why we do things the way we do
  • Develop initiatives to improve the company and carry them to completion

Here is our vision of the ideal candidate:

  • Strategy-minded but tactically capable
  • Bridge between front-line workers and executive leadership
  • Ability to “own” your team and problems from start to finish
  • Task-oriented and can knock out your to-do list rapidly
  • Forward-thinking and strong ability to get in front of problems – run to the fire
  • Can coach others to the become the best version of themselves
  • Ultimate integrator across areas of the business
  • Highly organized and can easily adapt to changing priorities
  • Self-starter and take ownership of your work and your team’s work
  • Able to learn/use new tools and processes quickly
  • Have a “never stop learning” mentality and can apply it daily
  • Have had 1-2 years of professional experience related to warehousing, operations, project management, and circular economy


  • Leadership and Team Development:
  • Leads and motivates the branch team, fostering a culture of high performance and continuous improvement.
  • Oversees the recruitment, training, and development of staff to ensure a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.
  • Promotes teamwork and a collaborative environment within the branch.


    • Sales and Customer Relationship Management:
    • Drives sales initiatives to meet or exceed sales targets, focusing on both existing accounts and new business development.
    • Builds and maintains strong relationships with key customers by understanding their needs and offering tailored solutions.
    • Collaborates with the sales team to identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products to enhance customer relationships and branch revenue


      • Inventory and Supply Chain Management:
      • Manages inventory levels to ensure product availability while minimizing excess stock and obsolescence.
      • Works closely with suppliers and the logistics team to optimize the supply chain and ensure timely delivery of products to customers.
      • Oversees the procurement process, negotiating with suppliers to secure competitive prices and terms.


        • Operational Efficiency:
        • Ensures efficient branch operations, including order processing, warehousing, and delivery functions.
        • Implements policies and procedures to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve service quality.
        • Oversees the maintenance and operation of branch facilities and equipment.


          • Financial Management:
          • Manages the branch’s budget, monitoring revenue and expenses to achieve financial objectives.
          • Conducts financial analysis to identify trends, forecast sales, and manage resources effectively.
          • Controls credit and collections, working closely with the finance department to manage accounts receivable and reduce bad debt.


            • Compliance and Safety:
            • Ensures compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, particularly those related to electrical products and safety.
            • Implements and enforces safety policies and procedures to protect employees and customers.
            • Stays informed about new products, technologies, and regulations in the electrical industry.


              • Marketing and Community Engagement:
              • Develops and executes marketing strategies to promote the branch and its products within the local market.
              • Represents the company in community and industry events, building brand awareness and establishing the branch as a leader in the electrical supply market.
              • Engages in local networking to identify business opportunities and partnerships.

              Work Hours, Compensation, & Benefits

              • 40-50 hours per week
              • Health
              • Retirement
              • Bonus Program
              • Employee equity plan


              General Requirements/Qualifications

              • Bachelor’s or master’s degree preferred or equivalent experience.
              • High attention to detail.
              • Understanding of Excel, eCommerce, CRM, ERP, MDM.
              • Organizational excellence and ability to multitask.
              • Ability to manage  for a P&L and Budget
              • Ability to research products and verify data.
              • Creative problem-solving skills.
              • Ability to work independently and in groups.


              Job Features

              Job CategoryBusiness Leadership

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