Inside Sales Manager – Electrical Distribution

Buffalo, Philadelphia
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Position Title: Sales Director/Program Manager (ARCA Supply)

OTE: $80,000 – $135,000

Position Type: Full-Time (40 Hours)

Job Level: 60

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt 


What is ARCA?

ARCA provides a unique service to industrial wholesalers by applying a circular economy approach to inventory management. ARCA Supply is ARCA’s flagship program designed to digitally connect authorized distributors with hands-off opportunities to buy and sell surplus inventory in the electrical, MRO, HVAC, and industrial spares arenas. On one side ARCA accepts, processes, and stores all surplus inventory for these companies. On the other side ARCA operates an online marketplace where similar companies go to procure the same types of inventory. 

Our members use us both for managing their slow-moving inventory and also for sourcing “need-it-now” parts from our extensive catalog. Members shop online through our portal, phone or email orders, and also digest digital feeds of our stock into their ERP systems for easy access. 

What makes ARCA unique is a partnership approach with our clients that builds trust and loyalty at all points of the supply chain. We are not a classic recycling source, although we do work with all types of material and will provide a full solution to all challenges, including but not limited to appraisal, purchase, consignment, recycling, and logistics.


Our Inside Sales Manager is.. 

ARCA’s ultimate revenue generator for the inside team, intimately controlling all buying customer interactions and the supporting positions and processes. 


ARCA manages member accounts alongside our sales and re-marketing funnel through HubSpot. Prospective members are onboarded after a discovery call with a Representative. New members engage in one or more scenarios shortly thereafter. Members receive quotes issued by ARCA to buy their inventory, or they request pricing quotes from our sales team to purchase ours. Our purchasing team also manages a large vendor network to source in-demand inventory for spot buys for our members. ARCA offers several promotions per month for our membership to purchase inventory below market cost as a means of keeping our warehouses turning. 


You’ll manage our inbound and outbound pipelines and the positions that operate them. You’ll have direct control over the customer relationships in these pipelines and the margins they generate. It will be mostly up to you to decide and always up to you to recommend which projects we take on and which accounts we service with what products. A large queue of inbound inventory will build up and it’ll be your responsibility to coordinate the outbound resources to sell it using our marketplace, order desk, and outbound wholesale strategies in addition to those you create. Being directly involved in with both the buying and selling at ARCA, you will be faced with numerous opportunities to make profitable buys, flips, and strategic relationships as well as guiding your team towards the mutually agreed upon goals of the company and will be compensated as such. 


You’ll experience autonomy in your role and will also be expected to foster an environment of collaboration while sticking to our vision alongside the other departments such as marketing, intake, operations, and technology. We have laid a basic groundwork for how we believe the sales team and pipelines should operate for this program, however, you will be considered to be the industry expert and will be encouraged to make tweaks and changes to the program as you see fit in order to achieve the company’s goals.


In addition, you will help make large purchasing decisions, develop strategies to explore new leads for our products and program, explore and recommend marketing strategies, manage third-party vendors, test and implement internal software, build key business relationships, travel, coach and manage teammates, and set and achieve ambitious growth goals.  


The Sales manager is responsible for the sales management of ARCA’s Account Executives, Purchasing Managers, and SDR/BDR’s. Hiring, training, and retaining these positions will be a large responsibility; these parties work together each day to achieve the company’s goals. While these positions are being developed, the Sales Manager will step in and help fill these positions temporarily with the help of ARCA’s President, COO, Director of Sales, and Office Manager.


A Recap..

We are creating opportunities for people and the planet.  You can help us help in that effort through…


  • Play a key role in the continued development of our company culture.
  • Development and management of the lead generation process.
  • Executive decision on product pricing within the guidelines set forth. 
  • Management of Key customer relationships.
  • Management and improvement of the inbound and outbound pipelines.
  • Hiring, training, and management of the Sales Team. 
  • Implementation and measurement of KPI’s.
  • Setting a weekly strategy, collecting data, and analyzing it. 
  • Staying current on industry trends and capitalizing on them. 
  • Uncovering new opportunities and obstacles with creative solutions.
  • Leveraging technology to improve process and make lives easier.
  • Being able to interpret a long- and short-range strategic plan, provide suggestions, and put forth your own strategic plan with rocks to achieve the mutually agreed upon goals.



  • Prior experience or working knowledge of our industry
  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing/HVAC
  • MRO
  • Industrial Spares
  • Prior experience working with SaaS style sales pipelines
  • Prior experience operating an “Order Desk”
  • Prior experience working with authorized distributors
  • Prior experience working with inventory management systems
  • Prior experience with project management processes and lean methodology
  • Prior experience or working knowledge of the systems we use daily, SQL, AWS, SellerCloud, HubSpot, Excel, and Quickbooks.


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