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Every organization has problems with surplus. From inventory to returns, equipment, or other assets like machinery or infrastructure; material disposition challenges are daunting. When faced with the need to vacate assets from a business, companies are presented with a slew of challenges and unanswered questions.

Questions that we have the answers to;
• How much is my stuff worth?
• What type of resources will be required to solve this problem?
• What is the secondary market like for my industry?
• Is it best to liquidate or hold out for full market value?

ARCA has the full capabilities to appraise not only your assets, but also the logistical challenges surrounding the project. We maintain a database of over five million products. We complete this with transactional history and cross reference it with data from a complete scrape of the web to assign market value to your assets.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in logistics allows us to plan accordingly for your project. We can simply provide you with the data you need or we can provide a fully catered solution ready for your implementation.

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Where ARCA Steps In

ARCA solves daunting challenges. We have accumulated the necessary knowledge and have built the right advanced tools to solve your problem. It’s likely that we have already tackled your exact predicament before.  ARCA can assign market value to just your assets or plan for costs and efforts surrounding an entire disposition project. We will present our findings in a clear, concise, and professional manner. Liquidations, relocations, and downsizing are all situations that we have experience with. 

Combining experience with custom technology to deliver answers.

In addition to our constantly growing five million product and transactional history database, our technology enables us to scrape the web and provide accurate research regarding the value of an asset at lighting speed.  Newfound data is compared to our existing database to provide accurate recommendations to our clients regarding the true market value of their assets. Our experience and research provides the logistical recommendations.

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Project Appraisals
You aren't sure what to do with your surplus
You aren't familiar with the surplus market
You are just getting started in the liquidation business
You are considering ARCA
You need to know the market value of your surplus
You need a web scrape of your products
You are closing, downsizing, or selling a business
You have a recurring need
You want the entire problem solved
You need top dollar for your surplus
You want the logistics figured out for you
You want a hands off experience
When you need space now
When you need cash now
When you are looking to switch to a better provider
When you want a hands off experience and the highest return
When you are looking to switch from a liquidation/auction service for a higher return
When you have a minimum recovery value in mind
When you have a 1 time project
When you have a recurring need
When you are an OEM
When your equipment is very valuable

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