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Buying and selling surplus has traditionally been a non-transparent process. Status-quo and archaic systems leave buyers guessing and sellers wondering. These outdated programs have been known to create adversarial relationships between the parties and ARCA doesn’t see "archaic" as a strategy to win business. We win business on transparency with our technology.

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Where ARCA Steps In

Our Intake process, model, and reporting add transparency to an industry that never thought it deserved as much. Sellers now know the market value of what they have and the right buyers are prompted to pay what’s fair; knowing they are going to receive what they bought.

Custom hands-off market reintroduction

When reintroducing materials back into the market, ARCA utilizes several proven strategies, backed by technology to meet the needs and timelines of our clients.


ARCA builds bridges between OEM’s and the niche resellers of their products. Selling and wholesaling materials this way builds strong and long-lasting relationships that both buyer and seller can trust and rely on. Since any one bridge is not equipped to handle an OEM’s entire disposition challenge, ARCA steps in and handles all separating, processing, and distribution of our client’s materials to them. We then manage the highly-technical downstream bridge relationships for each type of material we receive. ARCA only bridges to the world’s top and most trusted resellers who meet stringent criteria to stay on our list. This gives brands peace of mind that their standards for market reintroduction are being exceeded.

A.R.M. (Asset Recovery Marketplace)

With ARCA’s e-Commerce expertise, we build direct-to-market channels for products, equipment, and commodities. Our abilities allow us to build custom sales channels that reach the end-user at lightning speed. These channels can be ARCA branded or completely private. Our powers provide unmatched flexibility for brands to unleash a new channel in the blink of an eye. In industries that we serve regularly, we also operate several of our own direct to market brands. These ongoing Re-Commerce operations give our clients a tiered approach to re-sale with retail level pricing as the first attempt.


For the times where clients need the highest recovery in the shortest time, ARCA Auctions gets the job done. ARCA’s fully licensed auctioneers leverage both our audience and custom technology to recoup the most amount of money before the auction ends. Intelligent lot creation and titling optimization done through our software sets us apart from archaic auctioneers and also ensures that buyers understand exactly what they are bidding on. Happy buyers plus quick but accurate auctions equal happy sellers in our world.

Sell to Us

Last but not least, we will always make you a fair offer for your equipment or assets if you want us to. Please understand that our traditional model will always generate a larger return for your assets than a cash offer will due to the upfront costs on our end.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Love, love, love, the reporting. It saves me hours.”

Site Manager

Public Sector OEM Manufacturer

Project Appraisal

ARCA evaluated and planned for the resources needed to accept and process tens of thousands of SKUs on an annual basis. ARCA also researched and prepared the necessary customer base and recycling partners to meet the specific needs of the client. ARCA’s appraisal process made the financial outcomes predictable.

Material Processing

ARCA processes over 10,000 new SKUs into our system for this ongoing project annually. We also warehouse and distribute over 100,000 individual pieces of this inventory to our customers each year. All of this movement is tracked and reconciled back to the individual shipment ARCA received, while saving the client over 3,000 man hours and 20,000 square feet.


ARCA operates ARCA branded and non-ARCA branded sale channels to sell this equipment to our customers. Brand integrity is one of the top priorities for this manufacturer and ARCA keeps a close eye on maintaining a legitimate and trusted customer base for these materials. Our model and 0% landfill policy also keeps over a million pounds of these products out of landfills each year.

The client now has a trusted source to handle all their surplus materials without lifting a finger. The client knows that the materials will be responsibly dealt with and has a 100% transparent line of sight into the second life of their products. Nearly best of all, is that they are generating substantially more revenue than liquidation would have.

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“ARCA was quick and responsive.”

Logistics Manager

Public Sector Semiconductor Manufacturer

Project Appraisal

ARCA acted immediately to accurately evaluate the market value of the equipment and the required logistical efforts to complete the project. The cost to relocate this equipment outweighed its value. Although brand new, the equipment would have been destined for a scrap yard. ARCA appraisal revealed that taking over the clients facility was the best route.

Material Processing

Within 30 days, ARCA dispatched a team to a new city and took over operation of the facility that stored the surplus equipment. All 400 pieces of equipment were properly documented, inspected, weighed and pictured for resale into the market. All progress was efficiently documented for the clients peace of mind.


Before the deadline, ARCA found a buyer for every last piece of equipment. The sales, service, and logistics were hands-off for the client. The financial gain from this equipment was considerably larger than the scrap or liquidation income and the client regained full-use of their facility before expected.

Factory construction plans were put on pause. The equipment that was pre-purchased and stored for future expansion was now non-useful surplus and taking up considerable space required for something else. There was less than a 6-month deadline before the equipment would have to be scrapped.

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“ARCA is a pleasure to deal with and they make our lives much easier.”

CAPEX Manager

Public Sector Tire Manufacturer

Project Appraisal

ARCA researched the necessary requirements to recycle tire waste. This included the land and sea logistics for over 325 overweight shipments per year. ARCA developed a proposal and catered it to reflect the most important needs of the factory.

Material Processing

In manufacturing, costs are critical and misused space is an unnecessary cost to the goods being made. It was critical that the tire factory was able to remove all waste from their facility the day it was generated. ARCA delivered the trucking and warehousing to make this possible.


Natural rubber, blends, polyethylene, steel, nylon and sometimes a mix of all, require different vendors and processes to recycle properly. ARCA seamlessly manages and evaluates these customers for the most financial benefit to the tire factory while protecting their IP with a zero-landfill solution.

Tire manufacturing generates a large amount of waste in various forms of substantially different values. Finding one vendor to process all waste streams is a challenge and managing all of the vendor payment terms, agreements, and schedules is a headache.

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