Creating Trust Through Transparency

Buying and selling surplus has traditionally been a non-transparent process. Status-quo and archaic systems leave buyers guessing and sellers wondering. These outdated programs have been known to create adversarial relationships between the parties and ARCA doesn’t see "archaic" as a strategy to win business. We win business on transparency with our technology.

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Where ARCA Steps In

Our Intake process, model, and reporting add transparency to an industry that never thought it deserved as much. Sellers now know the market value of what they have and the right buyers are prompted to pay what’s fair; knowing they are going to receive what they bought.

Custom hands-off market reintroduction

When reintroducing materials back into the market, ARCA utilizes several proven strategies, backed by technology to meet the needs and timelines of our clients.


ARCA builds bridges between OEM’s and the niche resellers of their products. Selling and wholesaling materials this way builds strong and long-lasting relationships that both buyer and seller can trust and rely on. Since any one bridge is not equipped to handle an OEM’s entire disposition challenge, ARCA steps in and handles all separating, processing, and distribution of our client’s materials to them. We then manage the highly-technical downstream bridge relationships for each type of material we receive. ARCA only bridges to the world’s top and most trusted resellers who meet stringent criteria to stay on our list. This gives brands peace of mind that their standards for market reintroduction are being exceeded.

A.R.M. (Asset Recovery Marketplace)

With ARCA’s e-Commerce expertise, we build direct-to-market channels for products, equipment, and commodities. Our abilities allow us to build custom sales channels that reach the end-user at lightning speed. These channels can be ARCA branded or completely private. Our powers provide unmatched flexibility for brands to unleash a new channel in the blink of an eye. In industries that we serve regularly, we also operate several of our own direct to market brands. These ongoing Re-Commerce operations give our clients a tiered approach to re-sale with retail level pricing as the first attempt.


For the times where clients need the highest recovery in the shortest time, ARCA Auctions gets the job done. ARCA’s fully licensed auctioneers leverage both our audience and custom technology to recoup the most amount of money before the auction ends. Intelligent lot creation and titling optimization done through our software sets us apart from archaic auctioneers and also ensures that buyers understand exactly what they are bidding on. Happy buyers plus quick but accurate auctions equal happy sellers in our world.

Sell to Us

Last but not least, we will always make you a fair offer for your equipment or assets if you want us to. Please understand that our traditional model will always generate a larger return for your assets than a cash offer will due to the upfront costs on our end.

A plan for every price

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Material Processing
ARCA Manifest
Receive items
Weigh items
Sort Items
Condition items
SKU Items
Title Items
Apply Tags
Record Weights
Processing Features
Manifest Scrap Seperately with Weights
Clean Items
Test items Mechaniacly
Test Items Electricially (limits apply)
Custom Test Items
Rich e-Commerce Titles
Product Type
Product Sub-Type
Return Poliicies
Shipping Policies
Tax Policies
Real Photos
Stock Images
Provide ASINs
Create ASINs
Parent/Child SKUs
Shadow SKU's
Listing Templates
FBA Features
Repackage (supplies extra)
Adhere Custom labels
Ship to Amazon
Assemble Items
Kit Items
Storage Per Month
Order Shipping Fee
Return Requests
Customer Service
Quantity by Type
Type By Weight
Condition by Quantity
Condition by Weight
Re-Commerce Anaylitics (when we sell for you)
Sales by Date Range
Sales by Type
Sales by Condition
Recovery Precentage
Recovery Precentage by Type
Recovery Precentage by Condition
Aggragated Reporting Over Several Loads
Maketplace Attributes
NewEgg Biz
Woo Commerce
Big Commerce
eBay AU
eBay AT
eBay BE
eBay CA
ebay CN
eBay FR
eBay DE
eBay IE
eBay IT
eBay HK
eBay MY
eBay NL
eBay PH
eBay PL
eBay ES
eBay CH
eBay TW
eBay TH
eBay UK
eBay VN
Amazon CA
Amazon CN
Amazon DE
Amazon EU
Amazon FR
Amazon JP
Amazon MX
Custom Attributes
API Connection
EDI Feed
FTP Folder
Custom Delivery
New Marketplace
Project Appraisals
You aren't sure what to do with your surplus
You aren't familiar with the surplus market
You are just getting started in the liquidation business
You are considering ARCA
You need to know the market value of your surplus
You need a web scrape of your products
You are closing, downsizing, or selling a business
You have a recurring need
You want the entire problem solved
You need top dollar for your surplus
You want the logistics figured out for you
You want a hands off experience
When you need space now
When you need cash now
When you are looking to switch to a better provider
When you want a hands off experience and the highest return
When you are looking to switch from a liquidation/auction service for a higher return
When you have a minimum recovery value in mind
When you have a 1 time project
When you have a recurring need
When you are an OEM
When your equipment is very valuable

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